Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remembering our sweet Sydney Dog

It's hard to believe that 13 months have passed since our darling Sydney Dog was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. Even harder to imagine that it was three months ago today that we gave our furry little blessing back to God.

How special those 10 extra months we had with her were! In dogs, lymphoma cannot currently be cured. So, the treatment is all about maintaining an excellent quality of life while suppressing the cancer as long as possible. And indeed, until the final weeks, you wouldn't have guessed that she was ill at all.

We often joked that Sydney was probably thinking that the good life got even better starting last March. More treats! Better treats! New bones! Ball collection triples! Longer walks--and *twice* a day, when Daddy doesn't go to work! Lots of rides! Visits to Grandmother's and Aunt Joy's! Eggs with dinner! Less being the Big Guard Dog and more being the Big Go-With Dog!

So many happy memories, such a sweet little dog. . . .

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