Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Penny Drive

The other day, I ran across a baggie full of pennies.

Did you know a penny now costs more than a penny to make? Made me think that good citizenship calls for them to be returned to circulation.

And, what if everyone took their baggie of pennies--or cleaned out the change in their misc. drawer--and put it to work for a good cause? All those forgotten coins could do something good--maybe something big!

So, we're challenging our friends and neighbors to liberate their loose change.

We're gathering ours to donate to the Salvation Army Red Kettle. If you'd like to join us, we'll have a bucket and a bell at our open house on December 3. Drop something in the bucket and ring the bell!

If you can't make it (or would like a receipt), we're also hosting an online Red Kettle--just click the "2006 Red Kettle Penny Drive" link under "some of my favorite websites" (to the left and below).

Thank you!

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