Saturday, May 02, 2009

A card that became a RAK

This weekend's challenge at Stampin' Addicts is to upload cards to the gallery. With folks busy adding their latest beauties, I noticed some long-retired sets weren't getting any love. So I combed my computer files and found this, the first card I made with my beloved set Seeds of Kindness.

Simple as it is, I never could part with it. Then in 2006, one of the ladies on SplitCoast Stampers asked for RAKs for her mom, who was gravely ill and seemed to have given up. My Seeds of Kindness card went postal.

Joanne was so sweet--she gushed over my little RAK as much as she did over the many elaborate confections that more experienced stampers sent.

And, curiosity piqued by what the next day's mail might hold, Joanne's mom rallied. In the end, her family enjoyed a number of months more with her.

In December 2008, Joanne died suddenly.

I never met Joanne, other than in cyber-space. But looking at this reminds me of what a devoted daughter and sweet person Joanne was.

I'm glad my card became a RAK.


JulieA said...

what a wonderful story, Holly. Isn't it the best to know that you touched someone with one of your creations? It's a wonderful thing to bless someone else.

Holly said...

Julie, it did feel great to send my card off to such a good home.

But, in the end, the biggest blessing came back to me, feeling like this RAK let me share a tiny moment in the life of someone as special as Joanne.

How much more blessed must her family and friends feel to have have shared their lives with Joanne!