Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Mirthday, May Babies!

Are you a May baby? Well then, today is your mirthday!

In case you haven't heard of mirthdays (which is likely, since I just declared the first one today), it's the first day of your month of birth.

Your birthday, of course, falls on the anniversary of your date of birth. But, in this day and age, how many times does everyone celebrate with you on that exact day?

Cards come early, phone calls come late, the family gets together on the weekend and friends ask to squeeze in coffee, lunch or drinks whenever mutual schedules permit. Your birthday is just one day, but the festivities bubble over into the rest of the month.

So, heads up, May babies: May 1 is your mirthday and your party's getting started!


JulieA said...

LOL Holly, I love your logic! Too bad I'm not a May baby. Love the card, BTW!

Comeka said...

Ohhhhhhh . . . I can't wait for September so I can have a Mirthday!

Great card!